Top 35 Cooking Blogs With Healthy Recipes

In this day and age, blogging has become the in thing. At top planet list we sometimes talk about food, such as Popular Chocolate Brands, most expensive chocolate.

We are living in an era where almost everyone has access to the internet and have the ability to click on the mouse and post anything they see fit on the internet, now it seems that anyone with an opinion can have taken to either a tablet and started a

As a matter of fact, blogging is on the rampant today, anyone, anywhere with an interest in something, in particular, can set up a platform instantly and reach out millions of readers.

Choosing which food blogs to follow can be quite daunting. The blogs on our list offer everything from simple musing about life and food, out of this world recipes, realistic tips to help you eat smarter and avoid the calories, to popular diet trends.

If you are not acquainted with any of these bloggers, stop what you are doing and take a look at the Top 35 Cooking Blogs in 2017.

35. Bright Bird

Author: Sonia Ramos Garcia

Sonia is a make-up artist, photography enthusiast a passionate food blogger and a Master’s bright-bird-215x300Nutritionist student and Human Diet in the University of Barcelona with a great passion for good nutrition, healthy living, and overall health.

She dedicates her blog to helping people eat healthier through a whole-foods, plant based and vegan diet. Sonia’s journey as a vegan begun about 8 years back but not until 2011 when her mother was hospitalized for a strange illness that kept her for weeks in the hospital due to poor eating habits did she decide to start taking greater care for her health.

Since then, she and her family started eating healthy and she made it her life mission to help others maintain a healthy eating lifestyle and nutrition through delicious plant-based recipes.

Sonia is very passionate about nutrition and believes in the power to not only prevent diseases and bad eating habits that could cost us a full well lived life but also, reverse the most common diseases in our society which are attributed to poor eating habits.

34. Southern Made Simple

Author: Laura Tuckersouthern-made-simple-258x300

The minute you start reading her blog you will feel right at home and cozy. Laura is an easy ‘child of God, wife and a mother of one’ as she describes herself.

If you are a lover of Southern cuisine, you can find an array of home cooked goodness recipes, from sweet to savory dishes you can try at the heart of your home, a Do It You food project as well as fun and easy food recipe and snack craft ideas for the little ones. Check out her blog to enter into a world of fun in a simple way with a smidge of Southern charm.


33. Saffron Pudding

Author: Fatemah Alhusayni

Fetemah is a Muslim who started her blog in search of an identity and trying to rediscover her roots and history through her culture, traditions and from her religion through food blogging. saffron-pudding

She uses her blog to share and introduce to the world various mouthwatering and delicious recipes that made her traditional Kuwaiti Middle Eastern cuisine so unique. On her Saffron Pudding blog, you will find a recipe index made of a myriad of wonderful recipes you should try. If you are up to try food from a different culture, you should check out this blog.


32. Alexandra’s Kitchen

Author: Alexandra Stafford

All kinds of mouthwatering dishes are found on this blog. Alexandra gets her inspiration of cooking from her mother and from the number of places and chefs she has worked for through the years. Alexandra’s love for cooking and healthy living is without a doubt evident from her mostly simple, sometimes fussy and seasonal recipes. She is currently writing a cookbook that you should look out for and writes a weekly column about weeknight cooking for Food52 that you can follow.alexandra-s-kitchen

Alexandra has quite a number of achievements as her blog and Kitchen has been recognized by The New York Times, Saveur, Bon Appetit, Fine Cooking, Goop, Food52, Domaine Home, The Huffington Post, Design Sponge, Wisconsin Cheese, FairTrade and Ballard Design and has been handpicked by Food52.

31. The Forest Feast

Author: Erin Gleeson

Gather entertaining inspiration from this blog through delicious recipes. The Forest Feat blog is all about sharing simple and detailed mostly vegetarian recipes, that is all kinds of plant-based recipes into artful and entertaining food ideas. the-forest-feast-150x150In this blog, Erin Gleeson makes it her sole purpose to provide style and inspirational food recipes that are not only fun to work with but delicious too. The forest feast blog has been turned into a New York’s best seller for those who are crazed by the blog.

Through her books: her first cookbook the Forest Feast, her second book, The Forest Feast for Kids (a children’s recipe book), and her third book The Forest Feast Gatherings (a fascinating recipe book with menus to fit different occasions) Erin hopes to inspire healthy recipe ideas that anyone can make– dishes that are easy enough after a long day at work, yet impressive enough for a party.

30. Bottom of the pot

Author: Naz Deravian

This blog is all about celebrating the season with different foods as well as adventures in cooking Persian foods and more. Naz has been a food blogger since April 2012 she began her blog as a simple journal where she shared the Persian recipes she simply remembered from her childhood.


She is married with 2 little girls and spends most of her time on her freelancing job and her free time daydreaming about what to cook.

Probably, her reason for the blog. The bottom pf the pot was born as a tapestry of recreating the smells and tastes of her childhood memories mixed in with new aromas. Her blog has received various recognitions through the years. When she is not on her cutting board and rice pot she occasionally works as an actress.

29. Sugar-Free Mom

Author: Brenda Bennet

Sugar though sweet is a great enemy, Brenda uses her blog Sugar-Free mom to show that sugar-free food does not mean saying goodbye to tasty, she focuses on using sugar-free substitutes and natural sugars to create healthier versions of popular and beloved recipes. sugar-free-mom-211x300

Brenda is a health-conscious mom who tries the best of her ability to eat and provide her family with foods that are natural as possible. Through her sharing beloved recipes, she has helped many people achieve their weight loss goals and maintain them. Her favorite sugar-free substitutes are erythritol and stevia while the natural sugar substitutes of choice are raw, or unfiltered honey. To learn more about her sugar-free recipes, visit her blog and/or buy her cookbook Sugar-Free Mom, Naturally Sweet & Sugar-Free Recipes for the Whole Family.

28. Manila Spoon

Author: Abby Raines

A self-taught cook, Abby started her blog ago, to share with the world some of her favorite recipes. Abby’s blog is all about sharing recipe dishes that emulate home-style dishes from the Philippines and beyond from her home-tested and tried delicious dishes and from many travels abroad. With this blog, get ready for a super yummy treat through all the recipes you try.manila-spoon

Amy’s journey to cooking is quite interesting, unlike most bloggers, her love for cooking did not begin naturally, well not right away anyway, she learned to cook mainly as a necessity and with time found her love in cooking.

She learned how to cook by following recipes to the letter and mostly through try and error, she started her blog MannilaSpoon mainly due to her desire to have her recipes compiled together so she could have an easy time finding them, and from then, she started turning her words into pictures. Her desire for food kept growing and then later started sharing her delicious recipes with friends and family and eventually with the world.

27. My JudytheFoodie Blog

Author: Shari Brooks

Judy’s blog My JudytheFoodie was as a result of great and artful inspiration from her mom, it is basically her expression of her mom’s life through cooking. In her blog, Judy shares the childhood recipes she learned from her mom. my-judythefoodie-blog-290x300

After her mom died, Judy learned there was so much more to her mom than she ever knew, her love for cooking was evident since it was her therapy and she enjoyed making people happy with her cooking even though she was fighting a terminal disease all through. After her mom succumbed to cancer 4 years ago, Judy vowed to keep her mom’s memory alive and abundant culinary legacy.

Needless to say, this blog is an emotional journey as Judy tries to expose her mom’s determination and strength as a wife, mother and indubitably as a celebrated cook which she does so good at. This is a daughter’s memory book through mouthwatering meals and fun recipes to try. Her blog was featured in the top 25 foodie moms in the circle of moms in the 2013 edition.

26. The Way to His Heart

Author: Maeghan

Maeghan is a passionate cook from Kennebunkport, ME. She didn’t begin cooking until she met her husband who being a picky eater, she had to be careful about what she made for the family.

the-way-to-his-heartHowever, through numerous recipes, some original by herself, some she found along the way and some she obtained from family friends, she was able to make meals that they were both happy with and enjoyed. Maeghan was honored in the Cooking Light Blogger of the month in 2014.

Through her blogging journey, Meaghan expresses her love for food and cooking from scratch using organic and local ingredients to transform mere ingredients into lovely and delicious meals. Her blog is an expression of her showing love for her family and friends through food and not just tasty food, but pretty food too. She strives to make good food as she says “Good food is just comforting.”

25. Natural and Free

Author: Julie Moore

Julie’s blog is her personal journey of expressing herself and becoming fabulous and Fit in all aspects of her life despite having Fibromyalgia.natural-and-free-300x298

Julie is a born again believer, a mother of 3 and a wife who uses her blog to express her passion for natural foods. She shares a variety of heartwarming recipes on natural foods all of which are free of allergens. She hopes to help out or those who suffer from Fibromyalgia and/or the top 8 allergens eat healthily.


24. C.A.F.E

Author: Jackie Ourman

Jackie expresses her love for food in her blog. She had always been in love with food until her son was diagnosed with a life-threatening allergy to nuts and another son diagnosed with Celiac disease a disease that her mom had and one she has too. With this knowledge, she decided to start making her family delicious meals with foods that they could have rather than thinking of foods they couldn’t have. Eventually, her sons started seeing the benefit of having a gluten free diet and embraced their culture which then reaped a lot of benefits for them looking on the bright side.c-a-f-e

What started as a sole quest of making delicious gluten-free meals from her family, led her to open a blog where she could share allergy-friendly and gluten-free recipes as well as some resources she had found helpful in and out of the kitchen to others who were going through the same predicament.

Her goal on her blog is to help her family and others going through the same predicament. This journey of helping herself and others has led her to make great strides and achievements in her life some of which being earning various awards for her blog and getting the opportunity to work it the Bon Appetite magazine.

23. The Full Plate Blog

Author: Eila Johnson

The full plate blog is all about simple and healthy recipes which you can try and recreate every day. This blog is what you need to be reading if you are looking for from scratch cooking lessons for when you want an extravagant meal or a simple dish in some of your busiest days. Eila loves to spend time in the kitchen, either cooking some of her best meals or trying out something new. She uses her blog to share make-ahead recipe dishes and simple-to-make recipes that anyone can find easy going around even the busiest of moms.the-full-plate-blog

Eila has received recognition from Forbes 2012: Top 100 websites women should follow, The Circle: Top 25 Foodie Moms 2013 for her blog as well as won several awards for her passion and love for cooking and sharing absolute lovely recipes every mom needs.

22. Modern Family Cooking

Author: Nicole Brier

Modern Family Cooking is a great blog all about making delicious meals for the family with no stress. Nicole presents various recipes that she shares with her followers on how to make various finger licking meals and making them look so good without the stress involved in thinking of cooking.modern-family-cooking

Nicole is a mom, a food lover, French Culinary Institute top award winning graduate, a caterer and a former chef with a lot of experience to share. Nicole’s blog features everything from salads, main courses, desserts to simple and fun recipe ideas. Through her blogging life she has received numerous awards some being The Circle of mom’s recipe of the day winner and being featured in the Circle of Moms: Top 25 Foodie moms 2013.

21. Family Fresh Meals

Author: Corey

The name says it all, the blog is about creating great family fresh meals for your family every day of their lives. Corey is a proud mom and wife who loves to express her love through wonderful fresh meals that her family and friends will

Corey presents over 30 succulent dishes for easy crockpot family fresh meals as well as other fun and amazing recipes you will be dying to try out.

20. Eat Real Live Well

Author: Kelly Jones

Kelly Jones is a multi-talented food blogger who started the Eat Well Live Well blog because she loves to cook and try out new recipes. Kelly is a Registered Dietitian and Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics in Greater Philly. Other than being exceedingly qualified to be a food blogger, she shares other passions as a fitness lover, foodie, and a

Through her blog, Kelly expresses just who she is from traveling escapades. Work out routines for an array of different recipes on how to make meals the healthy way. Beyond that, you can find special diets for vegetarians, gluten-free, Dairy Free and the like. Hence, anyone can benefit wholly from her blog.

19. Full Belly Sisters

Author: Justin and Flannery

This blog was started by two Sisters Justin and Flannery who share a love and passion for women’s health and well-being. fullbellysisters-150x150They provide useful tips for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding or struggling to create a balance between their work life and family.

The FBS provide useful information in all areas of women’s lives from private childbirth education classes, breastfeeding support classes, as well as one-on-one nutrition for moms and their families in providing healthy meals at the table and wellness coaching in life. Every woman should definitely pay a visit to their blog and learn a thing or two about being holistic and complimentary or simply balancing out life responsibilities.

18. Rants from my Crazy Kitchen

Author: Bernadette

Bernadette is a stay at home mom who loves cooking, she started her blog as a way to rant about what happens in her crazy kitchen hence the unusual name. Most of the recipes you will find on her blog are simply simple recipes she has put together herself and cooked for her family. She is completely random in what she makes and her next idea might just be the surprise meal you need to make for your loved one or family.rants-from-my-crazy-kitchen

This blog is all about focusing on always scrumptious savory meals. In this blog, you will find almost you need, from a new recipe, a review of some favorite recipes from a cookbook and what is most interesting about it, great recipes, tips you should put to use in the kitchen and so much more you will love.


17. Full Belly Sisters

Author: Justine and Flannery

Justin and Flannery are sisters who share a love and passion for women’s health and well-being. They provide useful tips for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding or struggling to create a balance between their work life and family.full-belly-sisters-150x150

In their blog, they strive to share with the world healthy and wonderful recipes on different types of foods that women all over the world can enjoy making for their family and have fun at. If you are ready to elevate your plate, head on over to their blog and be wowed with what you see.

16. More than your Average Mom

Author: Sarah

Sarah is a beautiful mom with two busy kids. Sarah describes herself as a passionate volunteer, aspiring photographer, avid traveler, curious chef and an emerging social media maven. more-than-your-average-mom-150x150

As you can see from her attributes, Sarah is clearly not your average typical mom.

She is more than that. She started her blog to share with the world her mom chronicles and adventures in mommyhood, from creative bento making, amazing DIY projects and amazing recipes that transpire into awesome dishes that the whole family can enjoy.

15. Kelly’s Corner

Author: Kelly Stamps

Kelly is a food blogger and a mom of 3 who lives in Northwest Arkansas.Kelly’s Corner She is a born again believer who blogs to keep a record of her life as a scrapbook and also share her faith with the readers on her blog. She loves sharing her love for southern food recipes nearly as much she loves to express her love for God and her family.

Kelly makes you feel at home with her blog and gets overwhelmed with all the nice promise to be completely delicious recipes that she showcases all written with love, from main course meals, snacks to desserts, you will love the recipes she offers.


14. Love Bakes Good Cakes

Author: Jamie Sherman

This blog sounds like something that is worth reading right? Well, it is. Jamie founded her blog in February 2012. Where she finds pride in sharing her favorite family recipes that are budget friendly, cook friendly and family friendly.

Jamie’s love for cooking started when she was very young, from watching her grandmother and mother work their magic in the She was always intrigued and interested from an early age and since then, she has experimented with various recipes handed down to her, resourced by her and well developed and re-created by her to make wonderful meals that she and her whole family could enjoy.

Jamie’s blog has been featured in various magazines and blogs such as the 29th out of 100 Top Social Media Friendly Food Blogs for 2015, on ALL YOU, Foodgawker and more plus its reputation is growing exceedingly. Jamie has also been honored severally for her great work and was featured on a Top 25 Foodie Mom of 2013 in the Circle of Moms list among others.

13. Gluten Free Pantry

Author: Laura

As the name states, this is a Gluten Free blog. Laura strives to use this blog to share some of her favorite family healthy food recipes that are gluten free yet tasty and delicious. Kelly is a mom of two who believes in healthy living through right eating.gluten-free-pantry

Laura has a degree in Health Science and a Diploma in Comprehensive Nutrition she ensures her family has radiant health from inside out through the right living and eating. She is very lascivious about paleo cooking and gluten free diets hence she uses her blog to help others achieve this especially people who are gluten intolerant and are suffering from allergies.

12. Teeny Tiny Foodie

Author: Jory

Reading this blog’s name would probably have you thinking we are talking about small foods right? It is actually a blog chronicle for a mom who has been experimenting new recipes for her young daughter’s food.

As a mom of one, Jory, was raised up to eat a varied healthy diet. As a mom, she strives to do the same for her daughter, though she loved cooking, as a teacher working in public school she barely had time to explore her love for cooking as a chef. teeny-tiny-foodie

However, when her daughter Eliana was born, she decided to take some time off work and focus on raising her daughter which transformed into her exploring her cooking dream especially when her daughter started eating solid foods.

Today, she helps mom’s all around the world teeny tiny foods for their babies and toddlers as well as come up with appropriate fun activities for them to do with their kids. On her blog, she shares plenty of toddler recipes, tips and tricks she has used and learned through her motherhood journey when raising her child.

11. Itty Bitty Foodies

Author: Cheryl Ng Collet

Cheryl is first a mom to two rambunctious boys, then a freelance food and lifestyle journalist and recipe tester. Her blog is an expression of her family, they are adventurous and her passion for food drives them to always looking for great restaurants with yummy foods for them to try.itty-bitty-foodies-243x300

Cheryl is an Aussie writer residing in the US with a sole mission of expanding the palates of her 3 active boys (2 kids and her husband). Her yummy escapades have inspired lots of women to try out new things and find their muse.

10. Food & Whine

Author: Megan

Megan is a mom of three who lives with her husband in Vancouver. She loves to cook for her family and try out new recipes. Her kids love to whine about food hence the name of her blog, however, that has never stopped Megan from trying to make tasty meals for them time and time again.

She started her blog back in 2010 to show many moms that making food doesn’t have to be stressful or feel like a hard chore, in fact, every mom should embrace it and try re-creating beautiful meals for the

For moms with whiny kids and critics especially when it comes to food, they will fit right in and feel at home. Megan helps talks about how she has sometimes made food that has earned her a lot of criticism from her food and make it look fun.

Megan aims at showing support to parents who seem to have given up making meals for their families especially with picky eaters and let them know they are not alone. She offers a lot of advice on her blog and shares some of the recipes that even picky eaters can enjoy.

9. Two Peas & Their Pod

Author: Maria and Josh

Maria and Josh are a married couple who share a love for entertaining, cooking and baking. They both enjoy creating simple recipes with fresh ingredients that are family friendly. Their love for cooking prompted them to start a food and lifestyle blog 7 years ago, to share their amazing family recipes, tips and ideas to the world.two-peas-their-pod-300x200

Maria and Josh have two sons who they refer to as their pod, they love helping out in their kitchen and are their best testers when they want an opinion.

This couple shares their indulgent healthy recipes, sweet and savory recipes for yummy dishes, and recipes for all occasions and various meals they make in their culinary kitchen. If you love baking, you will be delighted with their wonderful cookie recipes that are nearly 200, they also have a weekly meal plan that they share on their blog to help people create different meals at dinner every week.

The Two Peas & Their Pod has received a lot of awards and has been featured in various magazines including Cooking Light Magazine, Taste of Home Magazine, Better Homes, Fine Cooking, on Saveur, Bon Appetit, LA Times, and Gardens Magazine, BuzzFeed, The Kitchen, The Huffing Post and more.

8. Kalyn’s Kitchen

Author: Kalyn Denny

This blog is all about delicious low –carb recipes and a few healthy tips and ideas.

Kalyn Denny is a full-time food blogger who started her home cooking blog back in 2005 when she lost over 40 pounds through following the South Beach Diet and wanted to share her recipes and what she had learned through her weight loss journey with anyone going through the same predicament. Through her Blog, she has helped a myriad of people lose weight and start eating healthy.Kalyn’s Kitchen

Kalyn’s blog features some of the most luscious low carb recipes as well as occasional healthy treats one can indulge in. She strives to provide recipe diets that can fit everybody diet from vegan or vegetarian to keto, Whole 30 and Paleo.

Kalyn also has another blog Slow Cooker From Scratch where she shares slow cooker recipes for her audience. Beyond that, she had been writing for years about food on and she’s been a guest speaker at a few conferences where she talked about blogging and gave people ideas and tips on how to go about it. Kalyn’s kitchen has received several awards and been featured in several print media and other places on the web.

7. Foodie Crush

Author: Heidi

Her love for cooking began when she was in 4th grade and won a blue ribbon for making snickerdoodles. Heidi is a photographer, storyteller, food blogger an e-book designer and a former Creative director. Heidi started her blog in 2011 with the motive of creating an online magazine featuring the most innovative food bloggers whose love of food recipes and photography inspired other people. She had spent years creating magazines for others and now she wanted to create a magazine of her own.foodie-crush-229x300

At first, Heidi just wanted to showcase the talents that so many passionate food bloggers possessed and inspire every person to create something special and beautiful in the kitchen. But then she later discovered that her job again was not something just of her own, she couldn’t just feature other bloggers. She had to create her own recipes too.

Heidi is now a food blogger herself and she loves sharing with others wonderful recipes and photos of her own creations. She is now a full-time blogger though she still designs magazines for others and creates e-books. Other than blogging, she enjoys meeting with other food bloggers especially those she has featured on her own magazine and loved their recipes.

6. I Heart Naptime

Author: Jamielyn Nye

I Heart Naptime is a lifestyle and food blog she started for sharing delicious and easy recipes, crafted ideas and tips to help families create fun memories they can cherish. Jamielyn started her blog 6 years ago driven by the passion for spicing up her life and making delicious dishes for her husband in a special way.i-heart-naptime-240x300

Jamielyn has an eye for style and is naturally a creative whiz who enjoys dreaming up delicious recipes and spends her time recreating those thoughts into actual images she shares with the world. Her pictures tell stories that her audience finds it easy and simple to make.

She has naturally become a Pin interest prodigy gathering a global audience of over 3 million followers. Her beautiful and unique DIY crafts have earned her a spot on bounteous popular websites including the Huffing Post, Lowes, Fox, ABC, KSL, and Examiner to name a few.

When she’s not busy cooking and creating marvelous recipes, she’s chasing after her three kids or spending time with her husband. She also loves trying new things and enjoys life with her family.

5. What’s for Lunch Honey?

Author: Meeta

A creative name don’t you think? Meeta’s food blog is an expression of her love for food, not so much for eating the food but making it for her loved ones. She loves seeing people relish her food, the satisfaction look on people’s faces when they taste her delicious food has always been worthwhile and her fuel to keep cooking and one of the reasons she started her blog.

What’sMeeta’s blog is her way of expressing her rambles and discoveries, her muses, and sharing her experiments and ideas she stumbles along the way. She shares a myriad of recipes all put together with a lot of passion, love, and care which come from various newspapers, blogs, and her very own experiments.

Meeta whole life revolved around hotel setups, her dad is an hotelier and as a little girl, she spent most of her time in hotel kitchens. Choosing to follow her dad’s footsteps, she studied Hotel Management, specializing in Marketing and Guest Relations. During her hotel life, while working for one of the finest luxury hotels of this world in Doha, Qatar.

A tiny spark for food was ignited in her soul and she decided to follow it through. In 2008, she started her blog. Meeta now lives in Germany with her son and husband enjoying blogging and foodography the chronicles of her kitchen.

4. Coconut and Lime

Author: Racheal Rappaport

Racheal Rappaport is a professional recipe developer, food blogger, and cookbook author and food columnist.coconut-and-lime-300x300 She also has an expansive fruit garden where she grows berries, plums, narrative fruits, and apples. Though she is a full-time blogger now, she wasn’t always one, she was a career woman with a BA in Urban History and MA in Education.

Racheal only uses her own recipes on her blog which she finds joy when developing from scratch herself. She has currently had three cookbooks featuring over 300 different recipes each.

Racheal is quite popular for her recipes and many have come to her for some of her famous work, she has also developed recipes for other people, national brands, and companies including GeneralMills. She has several recipes available on popular websites such as Yoplait, Live America, Betty Crocker and Old El Paso.

3. Food Haven Made Easy

Author: Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones

The name of this blog sounds like the name one would give to an amazing restraint or delivery service right? Wendy and Jess are both registered dietarians with masters in nutrition. They are two best friends who love to eat, cook and blog about anything nutrition. food-haven-made-easy-240x300

They started their blog back in 2011 with the goal to help people live their best life through having a healthy body which starts with good nutrition. They are both vegetarians and their blog is all about sharing delicious, healthy plant-based recipes. The duo is happy helping people live a clean healthy life enjoying their meals and support people on a weight loss journey achieve their targets through the right diet.

Their blog is a compilation of various vegetarian recipes nutrition tips and cooking videos.

2. Kitchen Konfidence

Author: Brandon Matzek

Brandon is a food explorer, dessert lover, cocktail shaker and a recipe curator. He loves cooking challenges and he is often trying to cook something new or different in his best personal get away haven –the kitchen. He started his blog in 2010 to express the two things he loves the most, photography and cooking quite

Growing up in an Italian-Eastern European family in New Jersey, Brandon was comfortable replicating delicious family recipes. When he moved to San Diego, however, he was introduced to a whole new scenery he couldn’t wait to explore and ignited his cooking passion. His hope is that through his blog, he can inspire other cooks to get out of their comfort zone and try out something new. Apart from cooking and photography, he enjoys traveling with his boyfriend.

1. Faring Well

Author: Jessie Synder

Jessie Synder is an amazing food blogger living in Southern California. Jessie launched Faring Well in November 2014. faring-well-300x227Her favorite things to do are creating wholesome delicious recipes to share with her readers and camping adventures. She shares recipes with plants and whole foods, no wheat flour only gluten free flour and her personal favorite spelled flour.

Jessie has gained recognition from the Saveur Magazine’s editors and further won the Editor’s Choice for Best New Voice for her spectacular work on her blog. With many tasty recipes on her blog, her meals will tantalize the taste buds of any reader who chooses to put them to action whether they are vegans or vegetarians, she has something for everyone.

For a food blogger to be successful, there must be something unique about them that makes them stand out. The above list of bloggers shows some of the top 35 food bloggers who have a passionate voice driving their site and share some incredible recipes anyone would love.

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